We co-develop and supply customer-specific plastic components and assemblies in most diverse industries, such as:

  • Construction and interior design
  • Electronics
  • Lighting
  • Automotive
  • Packaging materials
  • Other

Plastic Injection moulding

From your first preliminary designs, we guide you in the development and realization of your plastic parts and assemblies. We help you choose the plastic materials to use and develop the most production-friendly designs. Together with our partners, we develop and realize the optimal tools to manufacture your products. Our production park is equipped with a wide range of injection moulding machines for the injection moulding of small to large components in various quantities.

Materials we can process

Technical factors such as mechanical, chemical, electrical requirements and heat load as well as other external environmental factors play an important role in determining the optimal plastic.

Depending on the application, aesthetic requirements such as color and surface finish become important. Where possible, we process recycled plastics.

We process a wide variety of thermoplastics, such as PE, PP, PS, PA6, PA66, PA11, ABS, ASA, POM, PC, PC / ABS, TPE, TPV, PPS, and others in different grades, whether or not glass fiber filled, and in the colors requested by the customer. As far as possible and where the application allows, we process recycled plastics.

The Delta Plastics factor

Quality, accuracy, flexibility, transparency and collaboration are just some of the strengths of our service that we are proud to offer to all of our customers, both existing and future. Our dynamic and driven employees guarantee the delivery of a comprehensive solution.

Our flexibility allows us to deliver the goods to our customers in the desired quantities, in the most diverse packaging quantities, with flexible delivery times. But we also offer added services such as customer-specific printing and sub-assemblies.


Quality is and will remain one of our main corporate values. We have been certified according to the ISO9001:2015 quality assurance system for many years. This guarantees the quality of our processes and the products supplied. In 2020 the ISO22000: 2018 certificate was obtained as well.