We support and guide you from the first rough sketch on the drawing board
to the delivery of your end products or assemblies in the desired quantities
and packaging.

Engineering / Co-designing

You can contact us from your first ideas or pen strokes. Small advice in the initial phase of the design can have a major influence on the manufacturability and cost price of your end products.

That is why we offer a comprehensive service from the early phase of your project design to its realization. We evaluate your 3D designs and together with our carefully selected mould makers and materials suppliers we propose the most optimal solutions.

Surprises are out of the question for us, unless positive ones. In addition to technical advice, we also offer you the opportunity to choose the optimal mould concepts together with us, not only technically but also economically.

Injection moulding capabilities

Our balanced machinery, with injection moulding machines from 25 to 400 tons clamping force, enables us to produce products from less than 1 gram to 1000 grams.

Each industry has its own seasonal peak and volume needs. Our presence in a wide range of industries and our sophisticated production capacity allow us to keep our delivery times stable and flexible throughout the year. Our professional and motivated employees are able to respond extremely fast to your urgent questions.

Where necessary, centralized and automated processes, both in the field of material feeding and product handling, ensure high-quality and efficient production.

Processed plastic materials

We process a wide range of standard as well as engineering plastics. Many of these require specifically equipped production means. On top, we also set high standards for our suppliers. With this, we monitor the quality of the materials for you, but also the compatibility with the increasingly strict environmental requirements (REACH). We use recycled plastics as much as possible and suitable for the application.

Here is a selection of the materials commonly processed by us: PE, PP, PS, PA6, PA66, PA11, ABS, ASA, POM, PC, PC / ABS, TPE, TPV, PPS, and others in various variants, whether or not fiberglass filled, and in the colors requested by the customer.

Printing and assembly

We also provide additional services such as printing or sub-assembly.

With carefully selected partners we can realize a wide range of the prints you want.

We are also specialized in the assembly of various parts. Depending on the application, in-house or via subcontractors, we offer the assembly of, among other things:

  • Metal inserts, screws
  • Various plastic parts (clicked or glued)
  • Double-sided high-quality adhesive strips
  • Brushes

This can result in the realization of complete packaged end products, where the entire logistics and realization is taken out of your hands.

Customized packaging

We have a wide range of packaging options, from recycled bags for bulk packaging to individual packaging per product. The packaging is developed to customer size and may or may not be realized on our automatic packaging line.

We ensure that the products are adequately conditioned so that they arrive at their destination in optimal condition.

If necessary, the goods are delivered on certified ISPM pallets for international deliveries. We can also propose return packaging.




Quality is one of our core values. We strive to continuously improve our processes. We have been certified according to the ISO9001 standard for many years. In 2020 we obtained the ISO22000 certificate. Our processes as well as the goods produced are continuously evaluated and validated.

Thanks to our advanced traceability system, we can always look back through our logistics chain, including our suppliers.