We develop and supply customer specific plastic components and
assemblies in a wide variety of industries. Specific experiences in an industry
often lead to unexpected competence synergies.

Construction and interior design

Insulation requirements, innovative and sustainable design expectations or even small DIY tools are becoming more and more stringent. The market is constantly changing. Large and small series, personalized packaging quantities, we think upstream with the customer. If you want, we can also add various parts such as brushes, inserts, prints on the product


Years of experience allow us to produce small and medium sized parts in varying quantities. We produce a wide range of components for the electronics industry. This can relate to purely technical products or compositions where reproducibility is important, but often additional aesthetic and functional requirements are requested, requiring our experience in the most diverse types of materials.


In collaboration with our suppliers, we seek the most optimal solutions to meet product specifications which are sometimes very diverse. Particular attention is being paid to specific requirements regarding functionality, mechanical load, temperature and electrical load, but also, and above all in the lighting industry, the external environmental influences.


We supply parts to third and fourth tier suppliers in the automotive industry. With our various machines, we can process small technical products, but also larger ones such as license plate holders. If you wish, we complete these accessories with additional attributes such as high quality double-sided adhesive tapes, metal inserts or printing.

Packaging materials

Delta Plastics produces a wide range of components for the packaging industry. We use recycled plastics as much as possible. However, this is not possible for packaging in the food industry. For this sector, we only use suitable plastics, treated according to standards, processes and certified means of production. In addition to custom parts, we also offer our own standard range of transparent business card boxes. On request, we can supply them in different shades of semi-transparent colors


We strive to provide one-stop services to our customers as much as possible. Thanks to our various experiences and our means of production, we can often realize the complete set of components for any application, simplifying the fitting of the different components. We do this in various sectors, sometimes very specific such as parts for fire extinguishers, but also in other industrial sectors.