About Delta Plastics

Delta Plastics is an experienced supplier of plastic injection moulded products,
and also offers a range of added services such as
printing, assembling and custom packaging of these goods


Founded in 1993 as a spin-off from the fire extinguisher manufacturer Delta Extinctors, Delta Plastics has grown over the years into an important supplier of plastic injection moulded products.

Gradually the business and industrial processes were improved and expanded, resulting in various quality certificates. In 2012 Delta Plastics moved to its brand new current location in Jumet, near Charleroi Airport.

In addition to internal growth, Delta Plastics aims to expand its competences and capacity through external acquisitions, supported by the shareholder group led by JC Wibo.

This strategy has resulted in Delta Plastics being a leading producer and supplier in various industrial segments today. We do not only supply injection moulded products, but also realize additional added value such as co-engineering, customized printing and assemblies, packaged to customer size.

Mission, Vision and Values

We want to be a leading company in injection moulding of plastic products in Belgium.

We want to be an employer where people are proud to work with.

We strive for profitability in line with the expectations of our shareholders.

We ensure the safety of our employees, customers and our clients’ customers in all aspects of business management.

We strive for minimal impact on the environment.

Our Key Values are:


  • Customer oriented
  • Flexibility
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Integrity
  • A safe and healthy workplace, where it is pleasant to work
  • Respect for the environment